Monday, October 21, 2013

This is Halloween....

Halloween is, frankly, the greatest day of the entire year. You can keep Christmas... I'll take Halloween any day. :) It is, of course the one of the year where being a little dark is OK. We honor the spirits of the departed, and we let the monsters out to play.... joining them in costume for safety, but recognizing that there ARE things out in the shadows that a frightening, and need to be respected.... and fears that need to be indulged.

So... for this special Halloween entry of Yet Another SL Blog, I'm bringing you treats from the White Armory weapons cache.... and tricking you by modelling some great outfits from some other designers that were *perfect* for the season. Lets see what you think...

Here we have a rather vicious werewolf.... he doesn't look pleased to see you, does he? And what is that he's picking up? Its the 2-Handed sword "Claws of the Wolfpack" by the White Armory. This is an unusual sword, but don't let that fool you... its just as deadly as the others from the White Armory. Take a look at the hilt details:

The texture on the handle resembles old bone, and the fittings are brass... in place of the usual crossguard are a pair of Rose Quartz wolf's paws, complete with claws. Any self respecting Lycan would look great wielding this weapon. I will refrain from making the cliche'd "Something to howl about remark, and insted give you this picture :

The Werewolf avatar comes from Boxed Heroes, and can be purchased at their Main Store for a mere 500L$. It is 100% mesh, and I can also recommend the Werewolf AO that is also purchasable there for an additional 350L$.  Here is the SLURL:

And now, from the frozen wild wastes, to the crowded modern streets of Kowloon, where you often find, lurking in the shadows, spirits and creatures best left undisturbed. One such is this one...

A Samurai Mummy stalks the neon lit back alleys of Kowloon, out looking for revenge against the descendants of the Chinese Soldiers who killed his lover, Hime Kagome millennia ago.... and he's using the latest release from the White Armory to do it! This is the Darkened Embrace katana... Purple edition. It comes with two scabbards, one black and one white, and both with purple accents that match the hilt of this astonishing, but deadly, work of art. 

Look at the great textures used in this weapon, from the purple silk cords, to the white rayskin underneath, and the beautifully damascus like rippling of the golden Tsuba. This is truly a gorgeous weapon. Whats more, this is a one hand draw, two hand fight weapon, so it can be worn with the same elegance that all such blades had, at the hip, and will be held correctly in the hands during a fight.

But that is not to sell short the costume, which comes from BareRose Designs and is amazing in and of itself.... Look at the full costume:

The whole outfit, minus the sword, is a mere 150L$ at their main store:

And finally, what Halloween celebration would be complete without Vampires? So, from Kowloon, we travel to the Carpathian Mountains, home of the undead, where we find THIS gentleman:

He is wielding Colton's "Carpathian Slaughterer", a menacing looking blade with a light wave to it... not exactly a flamberge, but similar. This sword says "Intimidation" in a universal language. Take a quick look at the hilt of the sword:

The cross-guard is heavy, and looks like it could be used to crush skulls on its own. The blade is topped with a pentagram, and some gold decorative scroll work. The hilt itself is made of some mysterious multi-colored spiral material. 

The outfit here is from Avid, my favorite Gothic clothing store in SL. Its called "Marauder's Prince" and there is more to it than what I'm wearing here. You can find the store here:

And as always, you can find all the White Armory things at the White Armory Main Store, here:

So... there's a look at some monsters, and their weapons of choice... I hope you liked the Halloween Special. Any questions or comments are always welcome!

Happy Halloween...


  1. Nice job null love the blog!!!!!!

  2. I love how you include landmarks and locations and all the brands,,, thank you for being so meticulous!