Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just a reminder, and some news about A&D Weapons updates...

Hi folks...
This is just a reminder to order your 2013 Commemorative Sword soon! I heard through the grapevine that only 20 or less remain....  Get yours today!

Also, for those of you who have been affected by the latest bug from LL in the A&D weapons engines, you've probably noticed that LL has been kind enough to roll this bug out to ALL its servers! Oh wait... that's not a good thing...

Luckily, Norton Burns has managed to update her A&D engine with an emergency fix, so there is hope. This is unfortunate news for poor Colton, who has to know scrap all the updates he'd been doing, and start over at the beginning, using the new fixed update.

So, if you see Colton around, make sure to give him something stiff to drink... he probably needs it....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Pictures from the SL10B Event today!

Our Second event at the Second Life 10th Birthday bash was a success, and today, there were no Griefers!

So, here's some more pictures from the event, taken by me....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The White Armory's SL10B Event!

Its a bit off-the-beaten-path for this blog, but ... what the heck, I'm unconventional...

The White Rangers and the White Armory Events team have joined forces to participate in the Second Life 10th Birthday party! We had our first show today at 12PM SLT, with the model's presenting a fashion show, with the Ranger's Standing as honor guard.

Some unexpected circumstances forced some brilliant improvisation, and there were some griefers who were ... removed. .. but the event went off perfectly.

We have another set for Tomorrow, June 23rd, at 2PM SLT. Here's an slurl....

And, here are some photos from Today's event:

Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 Limited Edition Commemorative Sword is available NOW!!

Here it is, folks, The White Armory 2013 Commemorative Limited Edition Sword!

Every year, Colton makes a limited run of a commemorative sword for each year the White Armory has been in business. There are 50 of the beauties, maximum...  and when they are gone, they are gone for good, never to be reproduced.

This year's blade is a Back-Drawn, 2-handed sword, the hilt of which is emblazoned with the symbol of House Stark, from A Game of Thrones! It is delivered in a packaged display set which can be placed on a wall once you've unpacked it. It was designed to nicely compliment Bee's latest gown release, the House of Stark - Catelyn Gown Set. So, if any ladies out there like to accessorize with weapons (as I myself do... I'll turn in my man-card later...), The combination is one not to be missed. :)

To Order A Commemorative Sword ,
Fill in the following details below :

Your Name :

Quantity Required :

Return To Colton Drechsler who will process your order and Make the Sword , At which point full payment is due ....

These particular swords are only produced once each year and limited to 50 only after which the design is deleted.
Each Sword Comes Numbered as is packaged as a display set to put on the wall after unpacking...

I understand that at this point, there have been  at least 11 orders, so they are going quickly. The price for this precious relic is a mere $849L . So, what are you waiting for? :)

And Ladies... the gown is outstanding workmanship, as are all of Bee's gowns, but this one is especially nice. Note the Belt buckle which bears the same device as the sword... and all for $500L!

Gentlemen, what better gift for your ladies than the pairing of this gown and a limited edition sword? Be a hero to her and get her both!

Special thanks to Ida Donardson for helping me get the vendor art for the gown. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Fallen Warrior

A claim can be made that all of Colton's designs are special, however, one in particular really is: The Fallen Warrior Sword set. This set was created by Colton as a touching tribute to a lost friend. Phydeaux Felissimo was a White Knight, an Ambassador, a friend, a jouster, an inspiration... Even today, his memory is held dear over several sims, each of which annually mourn his passing in their own ceremonies. It was never my privilege to know 'King Phy', but I did have the honor of standing in the White Ranger Honor Guard for his SL funeral.

At the recent knighting ceremony where King Colton and Queen Bee inducted some of us into the ranks of the White Knights, we candidates wore this sword in his honor.

Its a beautiful sword really... Its blade is elegant and the metal sheen of it does gleam nicely in higher resolutions and with light sources enabled. The cross-guard is strong and bold the hilt is covered in a lovely red and gold texture with intricate detail, and the pommel is an open cross. It comes in 2 varieties; A graceful one-hand-draw, two-hand fight version, and a dual version, featuring a one handed wield with a matching dagger in the off hand.

The animations, like all of those found in White Armory swords, are simple and smooth. The sword is powered by the A&D Engine, meaning it does damage in SF, GM, and SZ damage systems, and comes with a HUD allowing a quick transition between weapons.

The set runs a slightly expensive $999 Lindens, but it is worth every cent of it. It is simply a gorgeous sword, but additionally, it is a loving memorial as well. If it is is purchased through the vendor at the Double Dragon Academy, all the proceeds go to Phy's favorite charity, Dogs for the Deaf.

This sword set can be purchased either at The White Armory:

Or at the Double Dragon Academy's King Phy Memorial:

Additionally, the White Armory has its *own* memorial to this fallen knight, which can be reached by going to any of the teleporters in or around the Armory and selecting the Cathedral Level. The pictures in this blog were taken there.

For the curious, I'm wearing one of Bee Dumpling's few men's outfits in the photos above... the Duke of Earl set, which is available in the Outlet Store.

Safe Paths until next time....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inaugural Post: The Peacekeeper

So.... Colton Drechsler of the White Armory handed me an arm-load of weapons the other day. Swords mostly, but there were some daggers in there too. Now, if you're familiar with the White Armory at all, you know what a treasure trove this is. I've been collecting Colton's weapons for most of the time I've been in SL, so I wasted little time in starting to drool over them.

I looked at these in amazement and commented "You know... at this rate, I'm going to have to start a weapons blog."

Colton laughed "Go for it."

So.... here we are.

I've got a LOT of weapons... and not just from the White Armory, although those make up the bulk of them. I'll share some of these here, and show some of the best weapons to be had in all of SL. Maybe I'll take a peek at some events, some clothing... who knows?

Starting out in this inaugural entry, I give you my personal favorite sword from the White Armory; The Peacekeeper Two-Handed Sword.

This beautiful weapon is powered by the A&D Engine 2.13 but its due to be updated to 2.20 soon, and does damage in Spellfire, Gorean, or SafeZone meters. It is a back-drawn sword, with smooth animations.
The detail on the hilt and blade is amazing. This picture doesn't do it justice, so here is the vendor art:

The texturing on the hilt and scabbard is extremely detailed leather, and if you notice the metal of the pommel itself ALSO contains a texture, giving it the look of of a piece that has been artfully and lovingly polished.

As a side note, the Uniform I am wearing in the above photo is the official uniform of the White Rangers, a tournament and medieval combat group sponsored by the White Armory. The uniform was designed and created by none other than Bee Dumpling, Queen of the White Armory and genius virtual seamstress. Her designs complement Colton's weapons perfectly. And as a FURTHER side note, the Peacekeeper is actually  the official sword of the White Rangers, albeit the heraldry on the blade reflects the White Rangers Crest rather than the one on the retail version. For more information on the White Rangers, there is an info-vendor inside the White Armory store, or you can Contact Me, NullandVoid Resident, for details.

The SLURL for the White Armory is: